Why do people say Akali is OP

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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#21
She isn't. Countered by Pinks, Oracles, HP, and MR.

If you starve her then you win.

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Akali is my Waifu~ Now, You DIE :D

User Info: Axelea

4 years ago#22
Gen_O_Bee posted...
What most people don't get is that spending a little gild on pink wards counters the average akali player.

I had one recently feed me 6 kills in a row in mid lane (thx to pink wards). The first three deaths she didn't realize that i could still see her lol.

If you shut diwn akali early it's good game.

Not everyone is in Bronze V where people don't know what a pink ward is.
Whenever a noob picks Anivia, a kitten dies.
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  3. Why do people say Akali is OP

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