New PBE patch notes

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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#111
So, he's a champ specifically designed to (at best) leave his lane as a stalemate?
"So selfish them" would be their cry. And, who'd be brave to argue? Doin' what you people need is never on the menu!

User Info: CyborgSage00x0

4 years ago#112
CrumpledPaper posted...
From: Klobzi | #094
You can now laugh without it interrupting your run.

hidden Singed buff

From: CyborgSage00x0 | #096
This, and the fact that he's easily the easiest champ in the entire game to play.

So much mad conveyed through one line, wow.

Nah, I haven't even had to go against a Singed in ages, and last time I did (as Rene) I destroyed him.

But I'm not sure how pointing out how easy of a champ to play he is constitutes being mad.
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User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#113
Those Singed nerfs are massive....

If they wanted to balance out singed they should have messed with how much synergy his passive and his ultimate have. Or at the very least scaled down his tenacity to not be so ridiculously slippery. But making him 100% kitable? His initiating and chasing power are garbage tier now. It's like changing Trundle so that he has no tenacity and his pillar no longer slows.
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User Info: Waluigi1

4 years ago#114
Camel-Rider posted...
No Vi nerfs?

I certainly hope not! She just got some pretty big nerfs that I'm still upset about.
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User Info: princemarth23

4 years ago#115
Waluigi1 posted...
Camel-Rider posted...
No Vi nerfs?

I certainly hope not! She just got some pretty big nerfs that I'm still upset about.

Pfft..she's still strong as hell.

User Info: Waluigi1

4 years ago#116
That 3 sec cooldown and only 50% mana return on her Q if interrupted hurt her escape and chase really bad. Makes me a sad panda. :(
PSO is teh best!

User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#117
NicoGrimm posted...
From: nomore | #102
The tenacity nerf on singed I can understand - he can get away from trouble easily.
I'm forever trolling enemy's running into 3-5 of them, laughing and running away under protection of my ult.
(honestly I don't think this nerf will stop that, he's just as tanky)

its the fling nerf that bothers me...
singed isn't exactly a bursty champ.
unless someone is massively overextended or already on low health, it takes a LONG time to kill someone (who doesn't just chase you down like a noob.)

top lane now, fling-poison, they can just walk back to their tower with most of their health.

Now can't get kills, can't snowball, gg.

That's sorta my problem. I get that he's amazing late game, but in early laning stages (especially pre rod of Ages)I absolutely have to rely on my team mates to get kills. Even when the people you're fighting are stupid enough to dive tower, and get flipped, they still manage to walk away with a large chunk of their health. I just don't see any reason whatsoever for the flip to be nerfed. Singed does absolutely nothing in early laning stages.

ITP: If I don't get kills early I'm terrible at this game

If you need that significant a lead to do well then you may just be getting carried in your games.
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