Greatest damage from a single spell.

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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#41
Wouldn't Mordekaiser's Ult on someone stackign health do a ton of damage?
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User Info: PraetorianGhost

4 years ago#42
megaman915 posted...
mundo cleaver vs an infinite health sion.

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User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#43
I don't think anyone mentioned Rammus yet. His ult does 1560 (+240% of AP) over 8 seconds, which means Nunu needs 4350 AP to outdamage him with a fully channeled ult. Rammus's ult can also damage structures, so if you fight next to the two nexus turrets, he'll deal 10920 (+1680% of AP) damage total.
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User Info: peetot

4 years ago#44
Cho at full stacks with 6 warmogs + Lulu ult gives him 9420HP. There are probably other ways to increase his HP but I'm too lazy to calculate.

Malzahar with maxed W at 400AP does 12% of damage per second for 5 seconds. This does a total of 5652HP in damage.

User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#45
Shadow Edge posted...
From: MakJuss | #034
Shadow Edge posted...
AP Nasus ult against a 13,000 HP Cho.

0AP = (13000*0.75) = 9750 damage

400AP = (13000*1.35) = 17550 damage

It's still a single spell that isn't a toggle (Singed Q) nor something that you stack indefinitely (Veigar AP/Nasus Q).

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240 max damage per second ..........................

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Just replace Nasus ult with Morde ult. Done :-)

User Info: supershadonic

4 years ago#46
AP Ezreal hands down.

Ult = 650 + 360 (400 AP) and 10% reduced for each other hit champ.

That is 960. If he hits 5 targets.


Add em and you get 3840

EDIT: Fiddles Ult would win.

User Info: supershadonic

4 years ago#47
thecrossnkight posted...
Poppy with DFG + Lichbane + 4 deathcaps at level 18 with 21 offensive masteries and all AP/lvl runes.
1173 AP and +70 AD

Enemy Yi with Runic Bulwark + 5 spirit shrouds = 610 MR
Enemy Sona with Bulwark + 65
Enemy Mordekaiser +30
Enemy Orianna +30
Enemy Galio + 90
882 MR

Yi meditates while sonas,oriannas, galio's, and mordekairs MR aura is used, Trundle ults him, vladmir ults him, poppy DFG -> ults him Taric ults, lulu uses whimsy on poppy (taric also has a zekes and wota). Poppy then Qs as Galio morde and ori's shield comes off, yi sells all items, sona leaves area.

This gives yi -388.5 MR or 4.88x more damage.

Poppys Q will hit for 100 (base) + 172 + 703 (ap) + 159(8%) with lichbanes 50 + 880 for a total of 2064 damage.

2064*4.88 = 10072 *1.4 (pop ult) = 14100 * 1.2 (dfg) = 16920 * 1.14 (vlad) = 19289 damage.

19289 damage in a single move

Could increase it by about 600 if yi could somehow buy 3 warmogs after selling everything else to max out poppys % health damage.

Its awesome and all but not a single move. It takes help from other moves.

User Info: Hyooz

4 years ago#48
supershadonic posted...
thecrossnkight posted...
Its awesome and all but not a single move. It takes help from other moves.

So does a 7-sphere Syndra ult. The TC broke his own condition.
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User Info: another guy

another guy
4 years ago#49
PhoenixEgg88 posted...
im sure i read somehwere if both coponents of maokais saplings hit its one of the highest damaging spell (non ult) in game

Maokai's knucklebabies hit for a total of 460(+1.0). Nidalee's spear at max range(If not moving, it will hit harder if she moves back) hits for 575(+.1625). Im gonna go look up interactions with Thresh's pull when I get home.
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User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
4 years ago#50
Cho'Gath can get up to 12812 HP.

If he's at 1 HP, this means he's lost 12811 HP.

Garen's ultimate deals 40% of your missing health in additional damage.

That's 5124.4 damage. Add in 525 base damage and that's 5649.4 damage with 0 AP. Or, 5649.4 damage with 400 AP.
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