Karma Visual Update and Rework info *Official*

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User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#11
Ah I liked the fans and Karma's calm demeanor. Although, if they change her kit and make her usable, I'll be very happy.

Edit: Oh so I guess that free skin keeps the fans. Good to know.
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User Info: TyrekeEvans13

4 years ago#12
Damn her bod and legs are rocking in the splash
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#13
I like how they're giving everyone a free skin that's more akin to her old look. I can actually see myself switching between those two skins and my Sakura skin, They look real nice.

I wanna hear about her moveset though but by the sounds of things I won't be waiting long.

User Info: random_blah

4 years ago#14
From: Camel-Rider | #009
I insta-purchased karma.

Didnt even hesitate.

Same. If I ever want to play her, I already like the look of traditional better than current.

Cass will have to wait a bit.

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#15
I liked her calm demeanor :(. Oh well, at least the calm version is still an option.
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User Info: DesertShinobi

4 years ago#16
Camel-Rider posted...
I insta-purchased karma.

Didnt even hesitate.
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User Info: Ephidel

4 years ago#17
Whoa, awesome. I'm buying her today then, because I already know I like her. This gives me a good excuse to do it right now instead of waiting.
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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#18
Her new Traditional outfit looks pretty good. I like it.

Her new outfit is.. ok. I like the Traditional outfit a lot better.

User Info: Cookie Bag

Cookie Bag
4 years ago#19
I approve this, A+/10, will tap that as soon as its live

Glad i bought her and stuck with her till now :D
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User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#20
As someone who has had Karma since last year, this worries me. I don't feel like she NEEDS a visual rework. I don't dislike anything about her aesthetically, and if they screw up the voice too badly I'm not sure I will be able to play her again.
The guy who thinks Karma is a viable champion.
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