Which three heroes are you favorite bans?

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User Info: fft_ramza

4 years ago#11
Caitlyn, Miss Fortune and Ezreal just to piss people off :P
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User Info: 04Dark

4 years ago#12
??????(whatever I feel like assuming the other go-to bans are banned)
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#13
Pretty much anyone except Blitz, Amumu, and Shen. Why should I ever ban them when I know the other team always will? And even if they don't, meh. It'd be nice to see them in a game every once in a while.

I'll generally ask my team if they have any requests but if it is left up to me I just choose those that annoy me. My personal favorites are Akali, Singed, and Elise. I just find them way too obnoxious to want to deal with.

User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#14

aka soloqueue stompers, who generally suck, but the really good ones are scary as hell.
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#15
beep boop
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  3. Which three heroes are you favorite bans?

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