Nasus is so unfair

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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#1
All he does early game is farm, with massive lifesteal to sustain. Once he reaches late game, his Q's are doing 1k damage... How do I beat this Nasus.
By the way, even if he's not doing great in teamfights, his backdoor power is so unfair, he can do 500 damage to towers.

Help me pl0x
Kill me and take all my gold, just don't harm me T.T
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User Info: DontNou

4 years ago#2
get a bottle of jack and sip ur worries away bro
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User Info: sunfalcon9

4 years ago#3
You camp him so hard that every time he dies due to your ganks, he will feel obliged to rage type something in /all

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#4
Get to level 30 then you will find enlightenment.
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User Info: Nowe242

4 years ago#5
Hit him right after he uses Siphoning Strike. He won't have it up to deal damage to you or heal.

Also, just harass Nasus out of lane. He has sustain, but he can't sustain through EVERYTHING you throw at him. He's also stupidly susceptible to ganks with no escape other than a single target slow (which is not going to do much if you both have gap closers).

And regarding the slow, he can trade pretty well with you if you're an AA champ if he gets you with it, so a champ with some nice burst or casting may be easier for you (See: Riven, Cho, Lee, Panth).

And yeah, farm farm farm is what Nasus does really well. Considering every teamfight will be a 4v5 though (if he is still farming) you can send one person to leave the teamfight and go stop him, or just leave the man alone while you crush thanks to an advantage in people and then 5 man push faster than he can with just 1 person.
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User Info: HyperTailsMan

4 years ago#6
How to win against Nasus:

Leblanc mid
Shaco jungle
Renekton top

Just win before the 20 minute mark and he simply won't be a factor.
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User Info: 11117Elements

4 years ago#7
Play Ashe and be very good at her

User Info: the_rowan

4 years ago#8
Pick Rumble. Stand in minion line. Do not push. Every time Nasus comes up to CS/lifesteal after level 4, you completely flip out in his face and use everything you have. (Just try not to damage minions too much with Q.) After a few rounds of this you'll be able to kill him with ult + ignite if he tries again.

Like this:

Other lane bullies work, but Rumble has the advantage of being able to double kill the jungler once you start to snowball and snowballs incredibly hard himself instead of falling off.

Edit: Renekton can work too for much the same reason, actually. Just care since he doesn't have a ranged CC to prevent the jungler from initiating if he comes.
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