Bad mannered people.

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User Info: hello_indigo

4 years ago#1
This fiddle cries because I called top first AND had pick order over him. So I took singed and he took fiddle jungler. He gets so butthurt that he had to look up my lolking and insult my stats calling me noob and all the good stuff :D

End of game. My Singed was 6/4/14 and tanking everything for the team. His fiddle 7/14 and still feeding. I If you're gonna talk smack, at least be good and don't feed.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#2
that's nothing,

I once had a brand who was third in a draft normal, I called top jax(I was second) the first guy called jungle but no champ

the first guy picked rengar, and brand would not stop whining, he refused to shut up, he random'd brand(didn't select anything) spent most of his time either dying in the jungle or feeding before warding dragon like 35 times in a grid, annie(0/10) joined in at some point too

brand managed to spend the entire game being a belligerant insulting idiot, not realizing and not caring that he couldn't play rengar because top and jungle were already called anyway

he also urged that we report rengar for any stupid excuse he could muster

at the end I just afk'd in base cuz I couldn't deal with that s***, we lost and I never saw 3 of the 4 again(after reporting annie and brand), the rengar is on my friends list though

the next time I saw brand the champion filled me with rage
Jax is the single greatest champion in League of Legends(TL:DR: Jax OP)
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User Info: TheRater

4 years ago#3
i mute everyone that annoys me, i play LoL to play, not give some teenager a shrink
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