jax needs a nerf bad

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User Info: kourkour

4 years ago#11
From: natewei | #008
kourkour posted...
From: OgreBattle019 | #001
has needed a nerf since late season 2

he is a free lane win for me in most cases

His lane isn't that absurd.

Singed on the other hand, unless he gets shut down extremely hard in lane, he is unstoppable. And even when he IS shutdown it's iffy.

Why is that when Riot tests a Singed nerf all the psychos come out complaining that he is unstoppable? Since when? If they announce tomorrow that they are toning down Karma, are you gonna say "yeah she totally deserves it"?

I didn't even know he was getting a nerf, calm the f*** down son. I just said it after seeing him be absurdly tanky in IEM without building actual HP besides RoA and what he gets from his passive.
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  3. jax needs a nerf bad

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