Why is Thresh not banned more?

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User Info: 04Dark

4 years ago#11
From: Viewtiful_Jon | Posted: 3/9/2013 3:54:00 AM | #010
Dont think enough people own him to make him a worth ban yet.

^This also he isn't as scary as Blitz. I rather face Thresh any day.
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#12
The hook is rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly slow
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User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#13
1. Not many people play him.

2. Less people play him well.
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User Info: nomore

4 years ago#14
All bans are already taken up with shen/mumu/malph/blitz/elise/teemo

User Info: LordClyde

4 years ago#15
I ban him. He's one annoying ******.

User Info: xDarknezzx

4 years ago#16
Susan0 posted...
The hook is rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly slow

the delay on it is so huge its like impossible to hit someone who tries to dodge it

User Info: random_noobie

4 years ago#17
he requires more coordination that most randoms don't have.

whereas blitz is just grab, pull, hit people.
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Master Of The Dead 4 years ago#18
The reason people ban Blitz is because his Grab brings people through Walls. Thresh doesn't do that.

Personally I think Thresh is the best support in the game, but Blitz still has the best chance of landing that clutch grab that makes fights 4v5s. With Thresh, if you land your hook, it's just an engagement in to a 5v5.
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  3. Why is Thresh not banned more?

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