hey, so i don't usually jungle, and i NEVER nasus...

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  3. hey, so i don't usually jungle, and i NEVER nasus...

User Info: Boogyy

4 years ago#11
People have the misconception that because Nasus has a stacking ability, it has to be maximized. When it comes to jungling Nasus, it's a different story. He clears fast and has good sustain, getting Q stacks is only icing on the cake. The opportunity cost to be neat about your Q isn't worth it for the jungling role. He fits the Tanky-Utility junglers out there with his wither ganks and penetration shred from his E.
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User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#12
On jungle Nasus it's E > W > Q.

The Q gain is pathetic, isn't it only like 120 at level 5?
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User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
4 years ago#13
The point of leveling Q is for cooldown. If you're in the jungle, last hitting isn't so much of an issue as much as wave clearing, so even with max cooldown, that's really just the big creep+one of the small creeps per camp.
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User Info: Valkassium

4 years ago#14
Maxing E first also aids in clear times due to the damage and the armour reduction. Thus making the Spirit Stone perfectly fine compared to Madreds.
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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#15
ah okka. so like...maxing SF first would eventually end up killing the smaller camps on its own, right?

i'll trrryyy iiiit in PBE or something ;D

thanks guys!
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  3. hey, so i don't usually jungle, and i NEVER nasus...

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