lol wow honor

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User Info: Zeroisahero

4 years ago#1
just carried a game as jungle vi
i go 23/3/11
call my team when do do baron / dragon
coordinate successful ganks
never talked trash

0 honor

GGGGGGGGGGGGGG broken system
"I'm the greatest, everyone else is trash, money in the bank, pimpin ain't easy".

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#2
you win some you lose some

they were just jelly
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#3
I got 9 honor last week and I don't know why.

User Info: xMrShadow

4 years ago#4
I rarely get honor for playing support. And I actually do what a support is supposed to do. (Ward, not take farm or kills, build support items, and protect the carry)
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User Info: boktai3

4 years ago#5
so lucky, i wish people would stop giving me honor, that ugly ribbon needs to stay off of my border, my friends do it to but thankfully i think theirs are useless.

User Info: LazyKenny

4 years ago#6
I lost a game today and all five opponents gave me honorable opponent.
Then I bust out Sudowoodo, and you're like "lol grass" so you try fire BUT IT DOESN'T WORK BECAUSE SUDOWOODO IS A ****ING ROCK!

User Info: xHFx

4 years ago#7
lol wow honor

who cares

I don't

User Info: Zyx-Whitewind

4 years ago#8
I'll tell you my secret. After every game you win just type "gj everyone, honor for all."

Doing that got me green in a week and even yellow 3 days after that. I even main support so most of my honors are from support games.
Sometimes you just have to remind people honor is there.
It really doesnt mean anything at all though...
I lost my Game FAQ account...

User Info: mrmonstr

4 years ago#9
LazyKenny posted...
I lost a game today and all five opponents gave me honorable opponent.

Makes sense.
The other team are much more likely to honor you after they win because they are in a better mood.
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User Info: AnubisGhost

4 years ago#10
When a Guy is being a dick during the game I honor them "friendly"

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