Canon topic: who is the weakest champion in the league?

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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#1
Just a thought that I've been considering, but I think it might be Twitch in my opinion, I mean he's just an overgrown rat with a crude crossbow that's going to backfire and kill him one of these days.
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User Info: PhoenixNine

4 years ago#2
TF just throws cards at people.
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User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#3
Physically? Probably Ezrael, Lux, or Sona.

Lamest lore? I dunno.

EDIT: Wasn't thinking about Yordles in physical strength. Perhaps one of them? Lulu, Teemo?
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User Info: xDarknezzx

4 years ago#4

User Info: Darius_Bot

4 years ago#5
Garen, Lux, and Jarvan.

User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#6
I Sona can channel sound waves into razor sharp slices.

Twitch can use the power of stealth.

I would say Cait, she's just a girl with a gun and gadgets, nothing special. She's the Batman of LoL but with less money.
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User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

4 years ago#7
Weakest PHYSICALLY would be Zilean...

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User Info: Nemyar

4 years ago#8
Weakest in term of what?

If you're talking about physically, then I would say Annie as she's just a little girl.

User Info: SoraOwnsAll

4 years ago#9
From: centurion911 | #006
She's the Batman of LoL but with less money.

are you trying to downplay batman?
"I'm no hero, never was, never will be. I'm just an old killer hired to do some wet work." - Solid Snake.

User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#10
The weakest champion would be one that relies on machinery/a firearm that does not use personal agility/strength to fight. Among those considered would be Rumble, Graves, Ashe, ect, however some of these champions use personal agility alongside the use of a simple weapon (graves dash, vayne tumble). Rumble relies on his machinery but he shows he has personal agility with his taunt. What AD carry does not have an escape or magical powers or use any mobility? Miss Fortune and Ashe. Between those two, Ashe has more presence in the world so she is not "weak" as she is a Queen with many supporting her. Miss Fortune has no back up, uses a gun, and does not use her personal strength to fight at all.
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