Karma did not needed rework >_>

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User Info: GotTheGreens

4 years ago#21
Anyone who plays Karma support is an idiot.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#22
From: _HeX | #060
I'm sure Riot is very happy having costumers like you, Dennis. Who seems to be satisfied with halfarsed easy-fix shortcuts that require little to no effort on Riots part.

Sure, they could have slapped a band-aid on Karma and tweaked some of her abilities instead of completely reworking her, but it would still be a lacklustered dull kit.

And on that note;

Aphoristic posted...
This is why people don't view you as being a good player, dennis.


Karma is great especially due to changes in S3, where health stacking got popular,
With 40% cdr she out performs most solo lanners in terms of life gap.
She also has easy lane against majority of solo lanners as well.

At level 6 Karma has
Passive that gives up to 70 ap
Mantra shield that provides 320 (+1.6) life gap
Q that gives out 70 (+0.6) damage & heal that heals for 35 + 5% missing health (+ 1% per 50 ap)
W that does 80 (+0.7)

At 6 assuming karma has 80% hp and 100 ap and 50 MR
Karma with 800/1000 health

Q heals for 49 health and 130 damage
W hits for 150 damage
Shield hits for 240 damage and absorbs 240 damage
= life gap of 809

and shield and heal does "true" damage in a sense they are not negated by MR as well
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User Info: MTRDrunkard

4 years ago#23
Not a major issue if Mantra + Heavenly Wave doesnt heal. Push back only adds something else.

Stun on Spirit Bond will also be a bonus.

But if Mantra + Soul Shield only stuns and shield, no burst damage, then less people would play Karma.

Thats why Karma is a great champion max out AP and have a tanky character initiate the fight, then just Mantra +Soul Shield on them.

User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#24
Dennis, what did i say about posting nonsense.
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  3. Karma did not needed rework >_>

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