Teach me how to Nocturne

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User Info: erobbity

4 years ago#1
Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to building Nocturne? Item build, runes and masteries? Also which buffs to take first and general jungling tips?

User Info: albinorhino004

4 years ago#2

Runes are mostly pref, armor seals and mr glyphs and a combo of ad/arpen is common.

Build razor, grab a bruta, rush a locket.

Situoational frpm there but locket randuins ghostblade merc warmogs runic/visage/wits is chill
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User Info: albinorhino004

4 years ago#3
Think of nocturne as an ultimate initiation/counter initiation more than an assassin.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#4


Get Q lv 1, W lv 2 (for attack speed boost) Q lv 3 and E lv 4.

Attack speed reds, Armor yellows, Mr/Lv blues, Armor pen/AD quints

21/9/0, 9/21/0 and 9/9/12 all work fine

Ganking pre-6 is as simple as hitting your Q, timing your W and staying long enough to E.

Ganking Post-6 is simpler- R, hit an easy Q and E, W asap and chase.

Machete 5pots--->Mandreds and Boots---->Wriggles, Bruta/Phage, Mercs---->Situational

Situation items:

Defence: Warmogs/Frozen Mallet, Banshee's, Randuins, Runic Bulwark

Offence: Ghostblade/Black Cleaver, Bloodthirstier, Wit's End, Ravenous Hydra

Utility: Ruby Sightstone, Ninja Tabi, Pots if needed

-Using your W when baroning automatically procs it- use this to speed it up
-Your fear extends into bushes and Fog of War; also, it is best to use this after they use an escape so it does not fail
-Sometimes the best option is to Q in front of you rather than at the opponent to gain speed rather than damage
-Try not to initiate with your ult unless very tanky- you will die insanely fast and it deprives you of a juke or movement mid-fight
-Only use W on worthwhile damage or CC- Using it to block an Ezreal Q instead of a Morgana Q is not a good thing
-Your W only blocks the initial cast of spells- it will not block the damage on Vlad's ult, more than the placing of the Time bomb and the snare of Lebonk's E among others. Keep in mind that you CAN block the initial cast- if fighting a vlad, etc use it when they move towards you and you can still block it
-Your R is still useful mid-teamfight even if you die or cannot use it effectively. It can split up teams and secure you a victory in the Panic.
-Your Q makes a sound when it hits someone in a bush- you may use it to scout thusly
-Always Q forwards, not backwards when escaping- in addition, you can use Q as a small speed booster when in the jungle
-Your Q will show up outside of camps like the wraith camp- make sure to angle it so you are not seen
-At early ranks, your R has the 2nd highest C/D in the game, tied with Karthus- Use it sparingly
-E'ing the Jungle creeps can give a little extra damage
-Always give Blue and Red to Mid and ADC respectively as soon as you don't need it (2nd blue, ~3rd-4th red)
-Always buy wards- I cannot stress this enough

Some tips regarding jungling- As nocturne, if you can't get a kill or a few assists out of your ganking phase, farm more than you gank unless you have a lane that needs camping. Nocturne needs the gold to be any sort of effective at all. Ganks should be 3-4 pre-6 and as soon as you ult is up thereafter. Remember you CAN gank without your ult, but it is much less effective.

In a teamfight, you will have 1 of 2 roles depending on your build.

1: The Bruiser

Your goal is to follow the initiator zealously, and peel and damage whatever you can, selecting high priority targets. Do not chase to the back to get their ADC- they will kite you and you will be a tank without utilizing any of your damage potential. Do this if you have invested into defense.

2: The Assassin

Your goal is to follow a little after the initiate, and ult directly onto their carry. Doing this in conjunction with another teammate can vaporize an adc/mid. Do this if you have invested into offense.

Team comp: Nocturne famously goes well with almost any team due to his utility, damage and flexibility. Champions that have good synergy with his ult, such as Rengar, TF, and other vision-granting or CC'ing ults are good.

Feel free to elaborate on the guide. It is, after all my Pleasure.

And remember, DARKNESSSSS!!

Never give up.
Never surrender.

User Info: erobbity

4 years ago#5
Great reply Ferd-Da-Bird! Could you link me the specific masteries?

User Info: erobbity

4 years ago#6
Also, what other spell than smite?

User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#7
Ferd_Da_Bird posted...
wall of text

Good stuff, make lamefaqs guide
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#8
1. Manage your mana. When you have blue buff on first route you can get spam happy but when you do not have blue buff you have to keep an eye on your mana a lot. Sometimes it is better to just let Umbra Blades and Madred's Razors deal with jungle camps.

2. Build very durable after madred's. You want defensive stats. You can get a doran's blade if you want more damage or you can go for an early brutalizer if you're ahead. After that get tanky fast. Randuin's Omen and Runic Bulwark are items you should be eying.

Your Q is a pretty strong AD steroid and this is why you can afford to build more tanky but still stay relevant damage wise with only 1 offensive item (brutalizer).

You can finish Wriggle's if you need the lifesteal, otherwise it can be better to just use your gold for other items in the mean time and either sell razors later or upgrade it mid gameish.

3. Hit Duskbringer, then use your ult while you are on the trail onto the opponent the trail is on. Your ult has a good AD ratio so using it while you have boosted AD from your Q is a very important combo in order to boost the damage you do.

4. Plan out how the gank is going to go and when you are going to use your W. If you're ganking a Lux you should not be caught off guard by her root. Getting the double attack speed bonus from your W by blocking a spell is really important.

5. Nocturne is one of the best lane gankers in the game. Lanes aren't warded too often except in bot and even then sometimes your support can pink your side's brush. Ganking from here is devastating as it is hard for anyone to predict it.

6. Use Armor pen marks with Attack Speed Quints. Armor Seals and Mres/Lvl Glyphs to keep with the durable goal. This gives you a fast clear and strong damage early on.
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