Quinn help?

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User Info: dhsolid

4 years ago#1
I recently stopped playing overused ad champs so I began playing champions that were considered bad. (habit).

Fortunately, one of my friends wants to adc so that forces me to play top.
Any Quinn players out there that can help a fellow potential Quinn player out?

I'm running 21/9/0 with ghost and cleanse. I'm thinking of switching to flash and cleanse instead since her ULT is basically like a ghost.

Damage quint, ad penetration reds, armor yellows, and magic resist blues.

I always start off with Doran's blade. Suggestions for early, mid, and late phases please.

Thanks Gurus.

User Info: link0099

4 years ago#2
as red, ad quints, armor yellows mres blues

max e, build damage and health

User Info: IamID

4 years ago#3
Well I've been ranking with quinn recently and had decent games. Idk about top quinn, but I find adc quinn secretly overpowered.

AD Red, Armor Yellows, Mr/lvl Blues, AD Quints
Barrier/ Flash
Start longsword + pots
Berserker greaves
Static Shiv/ PD
Frozen Mallet/ Randuins

Max w,e,q take r when available

Early Game: Farm to 6 then when your support/jungler engages, ult and enjoy the ridiculous atkspd boost to pretty much destroy the enemy
Mid game: Stay back and target who is closest. If you get caught or can't kite, ult and out duel them. Never ult and go in unless you are fed
Late Game: Same as mid game but be more careful

11.7/2.3/8.7 average per game
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