What is Riot's stance on custom skins?

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  3. What is Riot's stance on custom skins?

User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#1

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#2
They don't care because other people don't see your skins.
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User Info: xDarknezzx

4 years ago#3
as long as you're not changing caitlyn traps into barons or something you will be fine

User Info: JustAPoorBoy

4 years ago#4
The policy for custom textures and whatnot is pretty much the same for every online game. Technically against the EULA, but nobody cares enough to do anything about it unless you post a picture of some way to break the game with it on their website.
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  3. What is Riot's stance on custom skins?

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