Tips for a new player?

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User Info: SavageSoul21

4 years ago#1
pretty much looking for anything u wish u knew when u first started.

Also is it free to reset mastery points? i havent touched it yet cuz im not sure if i have the freedom to experiment with it.

And so far kennen seems to be my fav so any tips on him would be great
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#2
Mastery points are free to reset.

The two things I wish I would have known from the start is the importance of last hitting and warding.

User Info: SavageSoul21

4 years ago#3
what do you mean? im noticing in Champion fights im rarely getting the kill. I will do a bunch of damage and but cant manage to get the job done. And i couldnt tell you what warding even is
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#4
(Probably someone will answer before me but oh well)

"Last hitting" means getting the last hit on a minion. You don't get any gold from minions unless you're the one who does the killing blow. In higher-level games people don't just attack the minions willy-nilly, they stand around waiting for one to get low enough, then hit it for gold. Learning the mechanics of last hitting (getting used to bopping the minions at the right time) is important if you want to be decent at the game later on.

Wards: in the store you can see a couple of items, Sight Ward and Vision Ward, for 75 and 150 gold respectively. You can stack up to 5 of a kind in your inventory. What you do is you plop a ward down wherever you please (usually in the river or jungle) and for three minutes it grants you vision of that area. When enemy champions start roaming around the map, you can tell where they are and stay safe from death if you've warded. Vision Wards (pink) are exactly like Sight Wards (green) except they can see invisible units, including enemy wards. Usually people stick to the green ones. Learning to ward is important too, especially if you want to be a jungler or support later on.
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User Info: Milkydragon102

4 years ago#5
Don't die. That was the tip that really changed how I play LoL. Dying is literally the worst thing you can do in this game. In tough situations where you think you *might* get an enemy, but you don't know if you'll die to turret fire or some other unforeseen force, don't do it.

Dying gets the enemy team mo' $$$ which they can then turn into tools of destruction with which to beat your ass even farther into oblivion.

User Info: gaara999999

4 years ago#6
It's usually better to [not die] and [not get a kill] than to [probably get a kill] and [die].

Also, learn how to last hit minions. Getting ~15 last hits gives you the same amount of gold as killing an enemy champion.
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User Info: SavageSoul21

4 years ago#7
o wow. yea guess with keenan ill have to be a lil more careful, noticing i get them down super low and then one of my teamates will get all the kills
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User Info: TheDarkNerd

4 years ago#8
From: SavageSoul21 | #007
o wow. yea guess with keenan ill have to be a lil more careful, noticing i get them down super low and then one of my teamates will get all the kills

Not a bad thing. Wear your assists as a badge of honour: you got those kills, even if you didn't land the killing blow.

User Info: saint35

4 years ago#9
Learn to engage and when not to engage. Communicate with teammates too. Listen to your teammates. Usually when they emphasize something there's a reason why. Also, look at updated recently made guides for characters you use and follow builds. Last, don't complain about stupid stuff like kill stealing. The game is a team effort and you're not going to miss out on getting laid because someone took the last hit of a person you were fighting.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#10
Keep an eye on your mini-map and when enemies disappear in to the fog of war try to think what they might be up to. A big part of the game is catching enemy players in a situation where they are outnumbered and/or can't win.

When you come face-to-face with an enemy player, make sure to look at his level and click on him to see his items. A lot of people cry about champions being overpowered because they're trying to outright fight an opponent that is completely ahead of them and will simply dwarf their damage output.

That is about it. Some people on this board like to type out extravagant essays about certain aspects of the game, but reading about it does you no good and you just need to play a bunch of matches.
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