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User Info: Bail_Tavira

4 years ago#51
From: Masemune_100 | #050
zepfya posted...
They are really clueless, no akali nerf still?

One instance of hard CC.
A pink ward.
There's ways to beat her, and she isn't even the best assassin.

just cc her

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#52
From: xRustySpoon | #048
Eh, I guess they thought Rumble's ult had just a bit too much up-front burst damage. All I think this will do is punish Rumble players who position their ults rather poorly, which is a good thing.

Brand changes are bad though. At first glance that looks like a nerf in damage. And then, if their are multiple enemies around, its likely to spread out the bounces evenly, which is so stupid.

I'm not happy about it and I would take current Brand over that but the change isn't super crippling it opens up some new doors.

with the way the ult functions it helps to spread your blaze so if you open with it when you W it will be easier to get the bonus damage on blazed targets thanks to the ult.

But again I would really rather them leave it alone as it stands. Losing a bounce sucks and the base damage... Ugh.
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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#53
I feel like Riot's process on who or what to nerf next consists on them throwing a dart at a board with every champ and item in the game. Where ever the dart lands gets nerfed into uselessness.
Seriously where is this Brand nerf coming from? Also Nashor's Tooth nerf. It's like Riot doesn't want us to play Kayle anymore.

User Info: SuperFinalBurst

4 years ago#54
I don't understand the Brand/Rumble changes. Rumble's ult is definitely not what's wrong with him. Brand was fine the way he was.
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User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#55
engaging in tight jungle corners is gonna be really important for rumble to get off that ultimate damage now. or he will be forced to rely on team cc synergy for the damage.
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User Info: Herbert0

4 years ago#56
I'm a little sad by the Rumble nerf.

User Info: belgerix

4 years ago#57
That brand nerf /: hopefully they add scaling to the % damage.
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User Info: anilEhilated

4 years ago#58
Why the hell would they nerf Brand...
For who could ever...?

User Info: ritz2

4 years ago#59
Lawlerlawl posted...
His voice is the exact voice my friends and I use to impersonate each other with a gay pedophile voice. I'm not even lying, I have to show this to them haha.

Please record it >_>

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#60
So some people are saying that since these notes are based upon tooltips that it is just a wording change.

Meaning Brand isn't losing a bounce.

The ult hits 1 person, then bounces 4 times for a total of 5 hits.

They MAY just be changing the wording for that part to be more accurate and not nerfing the # of bounces.

This would be a pretty big difference.

Still not happy about the change but it's much more tolerable if he still has 5 bounces at least.
~GameFAQs LoL Board President~
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