How did the rule of who goes to what lane come about?

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  3. How did the rule of who goes to what lane come about?

User Info: XlYesterdaYlX

4 years ago#1
Is it just some sort of unspoken rule? Couldn't adc and support go top lane and top go to bottom? Wouldn't that be the same thing?

User Info: CenaxKikia

4 years ago#2
Nah baron doesnt spawn till 15 mins dragon is there to start
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User Info: Exavior

4 years ago#3
Its the kind of evolution of the game. ADC's used to go mid when i first started playing, but people figure out which roles end up getting the best reward out of each lane.

Having two people bottom (ADC and Support) help control dragon, and support can make it easier for ADCs to last hit, helping them become super itemized.

Mid lane is commonly filled with people who are strong in midgame, (AP Carries)
and the solo lane gives them the most exp, so they reach their midgame faster.

At least i think

I may be wrong, you'd have to ask someone who knows what they're talking about.

EDIT: I forget the reason why Bruisers go top. And jungle i forget too.
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User Info: Megeas

4 years ago#4
The pros established the meta.

When the game first came out you could see ADCs in mid quite often. Now adays you have an AP mid because it gives them roaming ability along with a short lane so they don't have to go too far from the turret. Bot lane has dragon next to it so having two people there to protect it can help your game and ADCs tend to need some protection early game so putting a support champ with them makes sense. From there you have your top bruiser being able to solo while the jungler not only allows your solo top to farm and level faster then a duo top. It also gives you someone who can roam and gank easier.

Sure you can change how you do things but there will always be pros and cons. For example far to often I see a melee champ go bot and they end up getting pushed back too far cause the ranged champs are able to poke them down.

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#5
Support/ADC bot is because having two near dragon is marginally more important. Everyone sticks with it because they'd rather just play "conventionally" than do some wild 2v1 lanes.

In professional play one of the strongest strategies though is playing support/ADC in a different lane than bot. Dragon is less of a factor when things like three man tower dives and taking turrets before 5 minutes are being done.
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  3. How did the rule of who goes to what lane come about?

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