I play Skarner top lane. I hate the metagame.

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  3. I play Skarner top lane. I hate the metagame.

User Info: minjonator1234

4 years ago#1
I like to annoy the children who think Skarner is only viable in the jungle
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User Info: sonic_rockz

4 years ago#2
Paper is OP, scissors is fine. - Rock

User Info: Triikz

4 years ago#3
I dont always argue with idiots. But when I do, I prefer Gamefaqs...

User Info: JustAPoorBoy

4 years ago#4
Pretty much everyone who can jungle is somewhat viable top.
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#5
How is Top lane Skarner anything against the metagame?

User Info: MtnJim

4 years ago#6
ITT: Breaking the meta by taking a tank top.
I'm just a little less than sane.

User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#7
I used to love playing Skarner top, haven't done it in a while though.

User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#8
Meta hipsters are the worst kind of hipsters
XBL: iiTryHaard LoL IGN: Pintbomb
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  3. I play Skarner top lane. I hate the metagame.

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