What are some unusual top champions?

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User Info: BlackBeetleborg

4 years ago#1
Just some champions that can lane top, aren't ever seen laning top ever, but they do surprisingly well.
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User Info: YellowcoatUnit1

4 years ago#2
* sustain
* shield minions
* kite with tether

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#3
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User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#4
From: peach_vs_faIco | #003

Swain's not an unusual top.
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User Info: Gladiator28

4 years ago#5
I've seen some pretty scary Lulus.

And I underestimated a Rammus once at top lane, and he gave me a hard time. Meh.
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User Info: xVashTS98x

4 years ago#7
Lulu, Hecarim, Karma.
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User Info: Unavailable

4 years ago#8
MilanBarca posted...
From: Luster_Sly | #004
From: peach_vs_faIco | #003

Swain's not an unusual top.

Tanky sustained AP DPS with no escape (besides cc) is pretty unusual top.

Just because it's been done a lot/works doesn't mean it isn't unusual. By the very definition of the word it isn't usual at all.

Except the OP specified "aren't ever seen laning top ever".
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User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#9
Twitch. He can be as annoying as Teemo early game with his poison + expunge, plus has decent escapes.

Taric top never used to happen but seems to be catching on.

Skarner is a decent top as well.
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User Info: Emoglobin

4 years ago#10
I toplaned against a Cass once. She steamrolled me early game. She got destroyed once I got tanky, but I was pretty terrified for a while there.
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