Elise or Zed?

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User Info: WNxDevTech

4 years ago#1
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I decided to buy a 6k champ and since I'm about 400 IP away from that point I was wondering who is a better/ more versatile champ. ty gfaqs
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User Info: saint35

4 years ago#2
Elise. I got Zed and regret it. Dies easily and takes way too much effort to get good with for little in return. He can do pretty good damage, but many other characters can do better damage in addition to being better at many other aspects. There's a reason he's in irrelevant tier. Elise is one of the best characters in the entire game meanwhile. Go with Elise. The only reason you could end up regretting Elise is that she's just not your playstyle.
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#3
Zed doesn't get banned as much and he's incredibly strong, Elise is stronger but she's frequently banned. Both are good choices.

User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#4
honestly, if you are in the bronze - silver range, elise isn't banned THAT much. Like, unless I ban her, i don't see her banned that much (im in silver 2 btw)

Get elise since Zed can't really carry a game that easily. Single target burst isn't really that effective for carrying games to be honest.
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User Info: Herbert0

4 years ago#5
Get Elise if you want to win top but will probably get banned.

Get Zed if you want to win mid.

User Info: SupaPowers

4 years ago#6
Herbert0 posted...
Get Zed if you want to win mid.

And jungle.
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User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#7
From: SupaPowers | #006
Herbert0 posted...
Get Zed if you want to win mid.

And jungle.

His jungling got nerfed pretty hard, so his new place is mid.

User Info: Annie_Hastur

4 years ago#8
Neither, get me instead :>
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User Info: FoxDragon13

4 years ago#9
Kevman510 posted...
From: SupaPowers | #006
Herbert0 posted...
Get Zed if you want to win mid.

And jungle.

His jungling got nerfed pretty hard, so his new place is mid.

Tell that to inSec, who wrecked GG with his zed play.

In all honest, it depends on your playstyle

Both are assassins, but different in way. Zed is built pure AD with some health, and his meant to completely one shot a carry or other high priotory target. With enough AD, with his W passive, he can one shot AD and AP carries with ease if he gets his full wombo combo off.

Elise is different. She is a tanky AP assassin clean up champ. She is meant to throw out some stuns and pokes with her percent HP moves. Then why enemy champs are low enough that is when she becomes clean up crew. So for Elise, all you really buy is spell pen, and health.

Also, Elise is getting a ranged nerf and damage nerf on her Q. Cut the flat damage and range by 25.

It is what you like a play style. Zed is mostly for mid and as a counter to Kha. If you are really good, he can make an excelent jungler with his clear times and damage. Point is you need to know how to hit skill shots, and know when the right moment to use your ult.

Elise is many meant for top, taking out those tanky tops now adays. So it is what you want.
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User Info: samuricex

4 years ago#10
Don't bother with Elise if your mechanics aren't very good. Zed is more playable. Both are really good champs ATM, you can't go wrong with either.
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