Kha'zix Jungle?

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User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#11
FoxDragon13 posted...

So yes, he can jungle and clear it well. But you are not going to see Kha jungle at high elo or pro level is what I am saying. words.

User Info: Tro77Tro

4 years ago#12
From: FoxDragon13 | #007
So yes, he can jungle and clear it well. But you are not going to see Kha jungle at high elo or pro level is what I am saying.

You are really, really bad, aren't you? This confirms that you have never played a high ELO game yourself.

I had two KZ junglers tonight, stopped playing, watched XJ9's stream for the first time ever and he was jungling KZ.

Bad players need to stop telling other people what they think they know about the game.
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User Info: Mr_Taco

4 years ago#13
I max his Q first and I've got 2 pentas with him. Sometimes the meta of a champion is just not what works for you.

Like my friend who destroys everyone with ADC Brand. Play how you feel works best.
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User Info: Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos
4 years ago#14
Let's face it, there are very few champions that do better in the jungle than a lane, it's just a fact that more income > less income for EVERY CHAMPION. And I prefer Kha'zix top to mid anyway, the brush makes it easier to re-activate his passive and his leap makes him a difficult gank regardless.

The fact that he's versatile enough to play both lanes and jungle competently makes him a good early pick too, as the opposing team can't be certain where you might go and thus can't commit too hard to counterpicks.
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User Info: Equalism

4 years ago#15
I like him a lot better mid. He doesn't have enough CC to gank. Before evolving his wings I feel like it is impossible to get a good gank, and after that it is still hard. I do like that his 1v1 is pretty strong so that helps with counter jungling.

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#16
It's not as terrible as it used to be. The ability to instant-isolate large creeps helped a lot.

Still no money tho.

User Info: Zenzoku

4 years ago#17
It works, but you're dependant on teammates to initiate a gank. once you get close you can do alot of damage, but you don't have alot of options to close in. Your W slows, but it's not that reliable. Your E should be preserved for escapes and not initializing a gank. If things go sour and you get counterganked, or are generally in trouble, you'll die without your e.

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