How do you guys build Jarvan in lane?

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  3. How do you guys build Jarvan in lane?

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#11
zeppelin312 posted...
6 hextech revolvers

gunmaster jarvan RIP

Wasn't Guman IV 6 Gunblades?
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User Info: negative4

4 years ago#12
MizunoRyuu posted...
In lane, I tend to go:

Mercs, Frozen Mallet, Warmog's Armour, Atma's Impaler, Spirit visage, Zeke's Herald.

I've been debating about a Randuin on Jarmander. Not sure if it's worth it since he already has what is essentially its active on his W.

Randuin is totally worth it since you're pretty much always diving into enemies. It's a better option than Visage or Zekes (Atmogs isn't really worth it anymore). You should probably have something like a Brutalizer > BC in there to help shred more armor and to do some damage, too.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#13
Usually I get Blade of the Ruin King, Zeke Herald, Thornmail (not always), Warmog.

Works well for me.
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  3. How do you guys build Jarvan in lane?

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