Whats the most violent looking spell iyo?

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  3. Whats the most violent looking spell iyo?

User Info: zhe_king_of_ape

4 years ago#1
Elise's volatile spiderling takes my vote
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#2
Karthus R.
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User Info: chaoticbanana

4 years ago#3
Jarvan's entire being.
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User Info: King_of_Now

4 years ago#4
Dat Darius dunk

They really need to get on making a Lebron Darius skin.. or something like that.. maybe Darius O'neal

User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#5
All of Vi's spells.
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User Info: Nersnail

4 years ago#6
Cho'gath's nom
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User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#8
darius ult no doubt
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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#9
Darius ultimate. He's taking a massive cleaver to your head. Pretty sure blood particles are included. yeah....
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User Info: OnslaughtOfGods

4 years ago#10
Tie between a Darius and Ziggs ult
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  3. Whats the most violent looking spell iyo?

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