Elise is gonna be dead.

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User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#31
From: Equalism | #029
I don't understand how 25 range on one skill is a big deal at all, everyone is over reacting.


are you serious
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#32
It's pretty much Kennen all over again, people thought he was beyond help after his nerf when in fact it hardly hurt him.

Elise is still the Queen.

User Info: teh_hellspawn

4 years ago#33
Just tried her. Feels fine. The range nerf feels there, but she still hurts like a train. Laning nerf, but she's still great.
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#34
I suspect the changes will be noticable, but lets face it; Elise is way too good right now, and safe. She's worse than Diana was before she was manhandled by the nerfbat the first time.
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User Info: viajarv

4 years ago#35
Ditto on the kennen call when they needed his as range.
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