Champion Quotes.

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User Info: MrGible

4 years ago#1
Don't you trust me?
Don't you find me beautiful?
The eyes never lie.
Stay by the vanguard
Come forth brothers and sisters
Lets go find some friends
I wanna shoot something
Have you seen my bear tibbers
Don't make the Yeti angry, you won't like it when he's angry
What's broken cannot be reforged
Evidence is absolute. Logic is flawed.

User Info: Hydreigoon

4 years ago#2
You belong in a museum!
Nami is my waifu
White FC: 3181 8609 7858 /// White 2 FC: 3053 5724 9151

User Info: PhoenixNine

4 years ago#3
Map museum museum map map!
~Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.~

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#4
Secrets kept our weapons wasted.
Official Daedric Prince of Madness of All Boards
Akali is my Waifu~ Now, You DIE :D

User Info: Prince_Pyro

4 years ago#5
So long as I have my wings, you will ALWAYS stand in my shadow.
[=[3DS]=] FC: 0946-2412-9538 ~ Name: Joel ~ Harvest Moon: ANB [Clover Farm]
[o+[___].::] Now playing: Crimson Shroud, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, REvelations

User Info: Ultraknight64

4 years ago#6
Ever look up to a Yordle?
Not happy with committing just murder, he had to go and dirty the courthouse, too!? GUILTY - Judge
<Official topic-ender of GameFAQs>

User Info: Ephidel

4 years ago#7
I'll sell the head.
The time is out of joint. O cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right!

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#8
"Champion MISQuotes

Stay by the vanguard"
Happyscrub's league of legends rank is higher than 95% gamefaqs posters. This is why gamefaqs jealous of him. That's why they troll him. So sad, So bad, so mad.

User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#9
"Combine Cloak and Dagger with Boots of Swiftness so CC doesn't stop you from moving faster toward defeat." - Frost_shock_FTW

User Info: ThanatosIkke

4 years ago#10
Mt purpose is eating deadly creatures. My hobby is eating yordles.
So many noobs... will there ever be true balance?
Time to troll!

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