why do people complain bruisers kill ranged ADCs?

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  3. why do people complain bruisers kill ranged ADCs?

User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#21
Rookie_Jet posted...
DualSword31 posted...
Because you can build straight defense and still do a lot of damage since this game has garbage game design.

Garen is the best example of this...I just went 15-6-18 or something last night building all defense (including sunfire for a tiny bit of magic damage). Their jungle Noc and ADC were the only ones who even had a chance at killing me (and I laned against Vi) so I ended up building thornmail, sunfire, tabi, giant's belt and ruby crystal for mogs, then game over. They tickled me while I shredded all of them without even building my BC. It was glorious.

That's not an example of champs being able to build full tank and still do great damage.

It's an example of you playing against bads.

User Info: Deathblz

4 years ago#22
ITT: CC doesn't exist.
Keep on charging the enemy so long as there is life.

User Info: dasmesee

4 years ago#23
Metal_Gear_Link posted...
Morelo himself said that by desing ranged ADC should not win 1v1s against melee ADCs or bruisers, ranged ADC are to be protected and do damage froma distance, not duel

False , I can beat any melee champ 1v1 with Quinn so maybe she is the exception with her utlity and Valor morph which is used to switch to melee.

User Info: InNox534

4 years ago#24
It's probably just people with bad teams, being an ADC with a team that doesn't realize that they have to protect the ADC is a nightmare.

Or pantheon support... ugh.

User Info: Megeas

4 years ago#25
The problem is that when a melee can burst a squishy while having gap closers and either shields(lee sin) or CC (Xin) or both (jarven) there isn't a reason to play a squishy caster that has low maneuverability and also needs to chain skill shots to get a kill just cause they have some AOE CC abilities. Especially when said melee champs can build large amounts of defense and still do a large burst from an Ult (Garen, Darius)

Really you can say learn to play, or play with a team but lets face it. Bruisers and Assassins are popular. I would say TOO popular. Why dedicate a person to peal and protect squishy characters when you can replace both them and the supports with tankier characters or assassins that go in and burst and then clean up?

Why are characters like Garen, Darius, Katarina, Akali, and etc. so popular? cause they are easy to play and strong characters that require someone else to play BETTER to counter them.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#26
bruisers are supposed to smash non-fed non-bruisers when solo

the entire point of CC and teams is to fight bruisers

if you stun me(usually Jax), the ranged ADC will smash me

if you don't, I'll E to dodge auto attacks, W to power up my attack, R to go take damage from anyone who is a REAL risk or that I need to run past to get you and then my Q to close the gap and begin the whooping

10 seconds later, you're dead

1 second after that, i die to your team

it's now 4v4 and your team's main source of damage is now gone, gg

and that's when I'm NOT fed(and when my team is competent)
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