Best champ that can kill things with fire?

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  3. Best champ that can kill things with fire?

User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#21
M-8 "I turn the tide, by choosing to abide"
1Cross + 3Nails = 4given

User Info: deadlyaces777

4 years ago#22
Any nonlegendary skinned Kayle with E

User Info: Darkyellow327

4 years ago#23
Garen with a sunfire cape
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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#24
Darkyellow327 posted...
Garen with 6 sunfire capes

Fixed that for you
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User Info: ArtosRC

4 years ago#25
Hecarim with Lizard item.
This is fact and cannot be disputed.

User Info: Aegis_Runestone

4 years ago#26
Definitely not Ashe. :P
Huge fan of Muramasa - The Demon Blade
Huge Final Fantasy IV fan! Played all versions of FF4 (except PSP) since 1992. Fav charas: Cecil, Kain, and Rydia.

User Info: OrbitalOctopus

4 years ago#27
Firefang warwick
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User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#28
Rumble is the best at killing things.

Annie and Brand can kill one thing very quickly.
Resident Zed, Irelia, and Rumble player
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  3. Best champ that can kill things with fire?

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