JD Build #2 "Slow Poke Ashe"

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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#1
This build is inspired by my favorite pokemon Slowpoke, and it focuses on poking with volley while applying an AoE Slow to the entire enemy team.

Build, Masteries, and Skill points
CDR/Swiftness Boots
Tear -> Manamura

Focus on offense, cdr, take armor and health.
W>Q>E, then

<Early Game>
Play it safe until you get tear, once you get it, spam away, and harass, don't even auto attack, so you make use of your passive. If you suspect any ganks, fire hawk shot, you can also fire it into the enemy buffs and dragon.
<Mid Game>
By this point, you're pretty farmed, stay with the team and spam volley during teamfights, only AA the targets for peeling,finishing, or safety.
<Late Game>
Pretty much mid game, except people will really try to focus you now, but you are Slow Poke Ashe so peel for yourself, and do tonnes of damage.

Too long Didn't Read
Never get hit, stay mobile, spam volley, and slow entire teams. If they get too close, and you feel threatened, Ult them, it has a short CD.
Kill me and take all my gold, just don't harm me T.T
Badazz stylezz GGzz WPzz 2006 Nerf pls
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