How does matchmaking work (normal)?

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User Info: Chaptero

4 years ago#1

So I just played a 3vs3 match with two friends and we were against two lvl 30 players and one smurf on lvl 7(he said it himself). We are all lvl 23. We got beat in the beginning and one of them was kinda fed. However we managed to beat them after lvl 6 because we always took advantage of 3vs2 situations and good teamfights.

My question is how does the matchmaking work? I thought we were put against people with the same lvl. I dont think its fair for the lvl 7 to fight against 3 lvl 20+ cause of runes and masteries. Even if it is a smurf. or is it searching for 3 random people who are also ready to play?
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#2
Partly because both parties triple queued
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User Info: Azezo

4 years ago#3
Solo pre level 30 matchmaking throws whatever is closest to your level.

If the game detects a smurf it might throw players a few levels higher then you.

Group Ques tend to stretch matchmaking, they look for similar pre mades and pit you against them, if it fails it will get a duo and a random. failing that it will throw you up against significantly higher random elo players. this happens more in dom/3s because of the smaller player pool
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User Info: Raging Fire

Raging Fire
4 years ago#4
Matchmaking seems to prioritize summoner level, then elo rating, then number of wins to determine a matchmaking rating (MMR). In the case of premades, it averages summoner level and elo ratings of everyone in the premades and possibly adds some additional amount to account for the presumed increased coordination of the premade before continuing as normal.

Using that MMR, it searches for other players queuing with "similar" MMR and matches you up. As your queue time increases, the search range for "similar" MMR expands until it eventually finds a match. Additionally, premades are more likely to run into other premades.

User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#5
It doesn't.

User Info: Chaptero

4 years ago#6
Thanks for the information.
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