Tips against Akali mid?

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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#11
I find the best bet to be starting with a pink ward and sacrificing a pot at the start. She's melee so as long as she's visible she's going to be very vulnerable to AA harass and as long as you don't let her proc marks, her pre-6 is extremely weak. Just place that thing in the middle of lane and make her feel pain anytime she wants to last hit.

If you can kill her or force her out of lane before she can buy her first mid-tier item (be it Sorcs, guise, or revolver), she is much easier to deal with. The thing that makes her so ****ing annoying like Kat though is that all she has to do is roam bot lane for a double one time and you're in trouble but if you're communicating with teammates you can prevent that and/or follow her and countergank,
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User Info: Awesome_Bastard

4 years ago#12
i can counter her as urgot, sawa kayle kick ass mid too
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User Info: robertoII

4 years ago#13
anth0ny posted...

Always. ALWAYS. call your mia'. She will roam because she can't win. A good akali won't bother trying to win mid.
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User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#14
There are two ways to win against Akali mid

1. Beat her pre-6

2. Pick a braindead waveclear-er and outroam

I've been playing TF a lot recently and have had to go against a slew of mid Akalis. I harass as much as possible pre-6. Once we both hit 6 I always hang back. Usually I will buy a Negatron and a Dorans on my first back in order to survive against her. I'll farm with my Q cards and push as much as possible. I keep my W on cycle if I need to walk up to the minions. If she rushes me then I'll Gold her and walk away.

Once the wave is pushed I'll try to gank top or bot as much as possible. You're not gonna beat an Akali in lane unless you're a strong duelist/get an advantage pre-6. You can definitely outroam her with a strong clearer.

If you can't push well AND you can't duel her, you're kinda sunk though.
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User Info: SoulknightX0

4 years ago#15
edubs posted...
Rookie_Jet posted...
Pink wards and negatron cloak...she'll tickle you, but that's about it. When she's about to all in, snare her and she'll just sit like a good little goose. She's not that tough. The worst part about her is when she figures out she can't beat you and starts roaming. You have to constantly keep track of her to warn your allies.

Because akali only relies on ap for damage? IF the akali is smart she gets gunblade first and does a lot of mixed damage

Mres lowers all magic damage. Your autos dealing 45 extra ad is a joke vs ryze especially when he's already ignoring a chunk of your magic burst

User Info: Avison

4 years ago#16

If you are laning against her and are an AP champ... buy a Twin Shadows. It gives you MR, AP, and an active that counters her bubble.
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User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#17
play zed and 100-0 her
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#18
have your support and top buy a pink ward for emergencies

seriously, why is this so hard to understand, you see an akali, invest in vision if you want to live

edit: not directed at you tc, directed at the tops and bots who think they don't need it because she's not "their" opponent

Also, I don't know about Ryze but as Annie I just spam her precious stealth field with stun aoes, then pink and finish the job.
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User Info: xVashTS98x

4 years ago#19
Use pink wards and get ganks. ezpz.
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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#20
Grab Pink ward.
Place in middle of lane. Laugh and ask for gank if needed.

From: Avison | #016

If you are laning against her and are an AP champ... buy a Twin Shadows. It gives you MR, AP, and an active that counters her bubble.

Aaah, that explains soo much now. No wonder TF got that item.
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