Akali and DFG

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User Info: thecrossnkight

4 years ago#11
Khaos Xero posted...
Gunblade is an overrated first pickup. Revolver + Rylai's is much better and provides more utility and tankiness. You can even just get a Void Staff after and wreck with insane base damages.

Except gunblade offers 3x the sustain revolver + rylais does, increases the damage from her autos bigtime (more ad = more magic damage from passive), and costs less than revolver + rylais. Meanwhile rylais is utter crap because a giants belt will have the same effect overall and cost 2k less.
What do you do when faced with two choices? Simply toss a coin. It works because in that brief time that the coin is in the air you know what you're hoping for.

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