New Karma Impressions:

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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#21
I think the shield is still pretty good, I think it's fair that it's lost a bit of power due to the new utility it possesses. Q is monstrous and I'm loving the tether. I've fallen in love with Karma all over again.

User Info: Dredj

4 years ago#22
If played as a Mage she is to strong, kite all day and with 40% CDR 2 spell rotations and you can Mantra again and Mantra+W, as someone above said, her Mantra+W is Fiddlesticks, as AP she can heal herself just under 600hp and move while doing it while shielded and spamming Q and AA to recycle Mantra.

User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#23
Ok finally got to try her.
Pretty damn amazing, great burst and is close to Ori in terms of utility. Liking her a lot. Model and particles are great too.

User Info: Dark_Luna3

4 years ago#24
I think she'll be best at top lane in the end (against melee). Like before.

Max W first w/ a CDR set-up. Completely shut down the opponent and set up easy gank assists. Passive is easy to make use of.

User Info: Zerothma

4 years ago#25
Dark_Luna3 posted...

Only redeeming factor is the speed boost which, while nice -- doesn't last long.

...And the AoE shield with that AoE speed boost if you spend the mantra.

The speed boost ends up being faster than Zilean's speed boost though, so even though it's short it's insanely fast.
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User Info: Tnykuuh

4 years ago#26
it's already been comfirm that they change her into an ap mid kind of like Lux...
Some fear death, others pray for it.

User Info: TheTrueAmerican

4 years ago#27
People should remember that mantra is her ult, so when it makes Q seem OP it really isn't.

User Info: link0099

4 years ago#28
Alright after writing a guide on last karma, here is my tiny newkarma guide

Firstly, i think this should just be a new hero, they play completely differently although they still can build a near same build to great effect, She is a sustained damage dealer, her q at 40% cdr is fantastic and her w does fairly nice damage, no one will escape you ever.

from my initial couple of games, your q will be doing ALL of your damage, e isnt reliable and w has a huge cooldown (although in teamfights seems fantastic).

At this stage because mantra levels now effect the mantra bonus ability, maxing e first no longer provides the most damage, maxing w only increases the damage of the chain and not the heal.
Not sure if i like this, at level 11 the bonus damage on e is tiny, and w's heal only starts to become super relevant so your shield will be more useful in tough matchups and when you top lane.

All karmas old items are still REALLY good on her, and cdr is more then ever. you will need max cap on it every game due to mantra having a 27 cd at max. (although her passive reduces this for every spell hit, it still seems unecessarily long, you might get 2 a teamfight with pre-emptive mantra-ing).

Standard build will be
sorc boots
choose 2 ( morello's, athenes (will be amazing in mid), Fheart, DFG)
choose a health/ap item (roa/ rylais
situational mpen

Q>W>E for kill lane
E>W>Q for tough matchup where you need to survive

Laning is farm-fest, your q will push creep hard. harrass with w-r-q for quick inescapable damage. She stays close to the enemy laner so keep everything warded. When a jungle ganks you want to stay in front of the enemy to force them to run through you, your q slow, and w slow/root.

TO summarise:
old vs new
more sustained damage
seems bulkier
low mana costs
amazing AA animation
more accessible aoe damage

no where near the same burst
maybe not as strong a deny-laner
no on demande teamate heal

User Info: GGAGAHC

4 years ago#29
Her W is just cray. The heal is just amazing and quick while also allowing you to use the rest of your abilities (unlike Fiddlesticks). I wonder about her supporting abilities, though. People seem to be taking her up to mid but considering Riot still made her with some support in mind, what's people's opinions on her supporting?
Howdy ya'll!
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