Akali stealth nerf.

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User Info: Tactician_Lord

4 years ago#21
bIuerain posted...
Akali is kind of flavor of the month right now, and many, many times over the past few weeks I've seen Akali juke a whole team trying to cover all her exits because she is still invisible a full second after leaving. It's ridiculous, just make it work as intended. The red line is clearly there to show her area of invisibility, and she wasn't supposed to be able to keep the stealth outside the circle.

Whenever I face Akali I always build a Ravenous Hydra if I`m melee, just to kill her if she tries to escape by turning invisible.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#22
thank the lord, akali's stealth was hands down the most OP move in the game
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