wtf 2 lockets?

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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#1
2 lockets? wtf!

User Info: natewei

4 years ago#2
lockets wtf 2!!!

User Info: BlueJoneleth

4 years ago#3
2 Leblanc ? wtf!
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User Info: Gogandantess100

4 years ago#4
2 shens?
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User Info: Drudax

4 years ago#5
2 rockets in my
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#6
2 Rammus?!
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User Info: JuliMizrahi

4 years ago#7
2 tickets to paradise?
There are no stupid questions. Just pointless questions asked in incredibly stupid ways.

User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#8
2 people shouting DEMACIA!?!?
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User Info: DeleveleD

4 years ago#9
Now I understand what this topic is about.

That Kog'Maw was just way too fed.
The statement below is false.
The statement above is true.

User Info: Exalx

4 years ago#10
2 Digidestined?!
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