Need a ranked partner.

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User Info: HeyImRyan

4 years ago#1
Going to finish my placement matches tomorrow/this weekend. I'm a fairly good ADC/top/jungle. Almost got Plat season 2.

User Info: Lawlerlawl

4 years ago#2
You don't need anything.
Play Knytt Underground right now, seriously.

User Info: HeyImRyan

4 years ago#3
Lawlerlawl posted...
You don't need anything.

Looking for a ranked partner.

User Info: Alakazam_fan

4 years ago#4
I haven't seen a ranked partner around this board.

Hell, I don't even know who a ranked partner is.
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User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#5
see sig
Add me I'm good. ign Schmelton

User Info: hello_indigo

4 years ago#6
Check my lolking to see if I qualify.

Zekuhh <--

User Info: princemarth23

4 years ago#7
Lawlerlawl posted...
You don't need anything.

Food, water, shelter?

User Info: SergeantGander

4 years ago#8
Hey Ryan, I'm silver 5. Learn me your ways master? I realize I'm a Silver 5 skill level I guess, but I'd like to be better. I've played with a few smurfs in my ranked career. This one guy was Plat and was ranking up an account and asked me to duo with him just so there was a guaranteed competent person with him so I'm not horrible. All I want is gold :(
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User Info: thisisboris2

4 years ago#9
add me Sephisticated
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