Best late game champs non adcs

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User Info: Decespedes35

4 years ago#1
Who are the top 5 or so late game champ besides adcs? Right now im loving jax once I hit 18.

User Info: gam3szzz_2

4 years ago#2
Karthus, Veigar, Nasus, Sion, Ryze, Fiora, Tryndamere, Poppy
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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#3
Jax, Maokai, Nasus, Elise, Skarner.

Providing they all got max builds, those are the best team fight wreckers in the league.

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#4
Sion, Yi , Tryndamere, Kass, Fizz
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User Info: luigi33

4 years ago#5
Hecarim with max build is nearly impossible to kill, and dishes out amazing AOE damage.
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