Most uncommon champ you've gotten a Penta with

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User Info: LlamaNub

4 years ago#11
Got one with Riven once by sheer luck. I'm not even confident as Riven usually.
When life gives you lemons, blame yourself for planting the wrong tree.

User Info: orcus_snake

4 years ago#12
AD Soraka
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User Info: FandomOfRandom

4 years ago#13
Just witnessed a Teemo get penta.

User Info: FlorenceLights

4 years ago#14

User Info: ninplayer

4 years ago#15
Hecarim <3
League of Legends IGN: Byrne14

User Info: POkemon_PoWeR

4 years ago#16
I've gotten 5 Pentas with Vayne
One with Eve
One with Corki
Two with Kha'Zix
Two with Ez

So none :(
I'm the best player here. The rest of you aren't as good as me-ninja1357
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User Info: Rihawf

4 years ago#17
LoL NA IGN: MyakkoFirst|steam: rihawf| Nami main
League of Legends BR IGN: Rihawf (who'd know?)

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#18
I got an accidental Quadra with Support Sons during a normal. Would have gotten the penta but my scumbag AD got a crit before I could time my power chord.

User Info: taco_ninja393

4 years ago#19

(hecarim is my real answer)

User Info: GrAyFoX312k

4 years ago#20
Ad kennen
"A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!" -Grayfox
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