Hey I have a question about teemo

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User Info: P14S71C_C4NDY

4 years ago#11
Not to mention the fact that a level 1 1v1 is easier with a 1.5 second blind to help you.
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User Info: plasmatic5

4 years ago#12
Benaldric posted...
I like getting poison first because its better for constant harass

For top lane (and maybe mid, I don't play mid-teemo), this times a million...for most matchups. There are going to be a few when having that blind is better, but in most, the poison allows for significantly better harass even though Q has more range. But again, for a level 1 invade, the blind would be better generally.

Then again, I also get Move Quick at level 2 because I've learned that if I'm playing Teemo, I'm getting ganked at level 2 and being able to have crazy movespeed is always nice.
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  3. Hey I have a question about teemo

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