Udyr is the worst champion in this game

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User Info: Luster_Sly

4 years ago#21
From: L0Iumad | #015
Luster_Sly posted...
From: L0Iumad | #001
he was take a Ashe arrow to the knee

You make me want to vomit. You should feel ashamed for ever even beginning to think about possibly maybe typing this sentence, and you posted it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

english is not my first language you grammar nazi.

It's not that, it's that despicable meme. It's past the point where you're simply beating a dead horse. The horse died a week after it was born and a year and a half laster people are still assaulting it like it's funny.
That and the terrible grammar.
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User Info: GGAGAHC

4 years ago#22
I'm sorry but any champ who takes an Ashe arrow followed by a Lux Light Binding is going to generally sit there and be useless. Yes, maybe other champs can follow through after such CC better than Udyr (i.e. anyone with a gap closer) but you can't fault the champ as a whole for that particular situation.
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User Info: xVashTS98x

4 years ago#23
Udyr such a beast early and mid game. I love it.
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User Info: Genome164

4 years ago#24
if your up 30-12 you should be able to 4v5 them anyway

User Info: Ava_Balthier

4 years ago#25
Well seeing as the OP is probably an idiot and blaming it all on Udyr, lets shed some light on the situation.

First of all, Udyr is old fashioned, he doesn't have any real gap closers, he has an "alright" speed buff. This makes him incredibly easy to kite. This being said, if he picked before ashe, then good on the enemy team for countering him straight out and making him worthless in fights. If your udyr picked him after they picked ashe, then he's an idiot, ashe will ruin Udyrs day everyday. There was a reason udyr was the strongest in S1, and theres a reason ashe was one of the strongest then as well.

Second off. If Udyr was trying to just bum rush into their team, he is an idiot, if you see a melee champ with no gap closer, you walk backwards and kite him and get free damage, congratulations you just took him down a quarter of his HP.

Third off. Udyr is not a teamfight champion, he is a skirmisher, You spread your team out in order to secure objectives and force them to fight smaller fights and he will absolutely dominate. Throwing him into a mexican standoff in midlane like people insist on doing all the time, will make him absolutely worthless.

fourth off. You had a really poke heavy team, why in the world were you trying to teamfight anyway? Udyr should have just been around to push other lanes while you guys poked them down elsewhere, or helping to peel for you damage dealers if they broke through your kiting and poking.

TL;DR You weren't using Udyr the way he is strongest so shut up and stop complaining.
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#26
L0Iumad posted...
RyuForce posted...
One player doing bad with Udyr does not equal him being the worst champion in the game.

He was actually a good player, it's just that Udyr is a garbage champ.

and you got that from one game? Again just because it was a bad game for one game doesn't mean the champion is bad.
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User Info: DerpyAssassin

4 years ago#27
trundle worst champ
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