Doesn't Brazil have it's own servers?

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User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#31
omega bahumat posted...
_HeX posted...
Slayn posted...
_HeX posted...
It makes you look like a stereotypical American who thinks he is better than everyone else.


My bad.

They don't think and that's the problem.

I was wondering how long it'd take before he committed hypocrisy

Maybe I should say it then. I'm not American, and honestly don't really associate with my race all that much either.
"Luna, I'm afraid he's right. You can't go around calling people that, even if in this case it appears to be the truth." - Sena

User Info: rafaelhitoshi

4 years ago#32
i played a lot of games in japanese serves and most of north america don't know how to say even one word in japanese...

this problem in the whole america

User Info: sauceje

4 years ago#33
From: TheSteelPhoenix | #013
"We need jungle and support, which do you want?"
"jajajaja ajsdkadajkdoa"
*locks garen*
"We already have a top, can someone dodge?"

No problem with communication here.

This is different from any other ELO hell team how?

User Info: TyrHunger

4 years ago#34
Sadly as a Brazilian i agree that besides having some good players the majority was childish and immature who only likes to make trouble for other players.
It´s a shame so much players go disturb other servers, but there´s no way to avoid that sadly.
But i don´t know where the problem with language if it´s a game where isn´t necessary speaking with someone, i´m usually don´t tell my life problems or ask for anything while playing.
Stand tall and shake the heavens! - Xenogears

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#35
TheSteelPhoenix posted...
Uh oh, multi-cultural police incoming.

It is undeniable that a language barrier in a team game is a serious problem. Why hasn't Riot sought to fix this? English server, Spanish Server, etc. And they don't have to do this for 'every language'. In 3000 games I have never once played with a french speaking player, or any language other than English or Spanish.

If you've played with Brazilians, you most certainly have played with someone speaking a language other than English or Spanish, as they speak Portuguese.

Servers should continue to be based on location, and not on language, by using location you limit average latency.

Also, if you're looking at a breakdown of population in NA speaking Spanish, it's a solid bit over a third of the total, you should probably learn to deal with it (or learn the damn language).
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User Info: BenWhoDrowned

4 years ago#36
I'm Brazilian, currently living in Brazil, and I play exclusively in the NA server.


User Info: KosherX

4 years ago#37
3DS FC: 0731-5829-1024

User Info: Dottled

4 years ago#38
It's no worse than getting matched up with bad players. In fact if they're half decent then it's better. I would rather get matched with good players that spoke no english than bad players who spoke it perfectly. There is virtually no need/desire to speak to anybody in solo-queue anyway, especially with the new pings that have been put in.

Only time I can see it happening is when people join draft/ranked but for some reason claim only to be able to play one or two roles in which case they're the ones who are bad, and even then if your team doesn't have an awkward comp then it should be pretty obvious what champ is getting picked for what role.
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