Tips on Sejuani?

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User Info: FootballFan2

4 years ago#1
Tried playing her for the first time today, and she was a lot of fun. What are peoples main gripes with her anyway? I ran lifesteal quints and she cleared just fine. Also what are some good item/mastery builds with her? Like when should I build liandrys vs. tanky items?
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User Info: ShineGreymon

4 years ago#2
Personally I use Bruiser runes. I also prefer getting Abyssal over Liandry for the tankiness.

She is good she is just a very slow champ and you really need to watch your positioning/timing when ganking.
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User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#3
The main gripe people have with her is that they still think this is season 2. Or they don't play her jungle. I honestly don't think she can play any role that isn't jungle.

She doesn't clear with much health left, unless she gets an incredibly good leash. I don't know how much lifesteal quints help, but I guess they could do a decent amount.

Try to gank from behind the enemy, so they have a harder time dodging your charge or ult. In fact, when ganking, I usually save my ult until after I have already engaged with a charge/permafrost. That way, as long as they aren't right next to the tower when you gank, if they flash away you can follow that up with a nice 2 second stun.

don't forget that 50 points of health increases the damage of her AoE that surrounds her by the same amount as 10 ability power. A deathcap increases the damage of that spell by 12 + 3% of your ability power. A warmogs increases it by 20. that is all per second, of course, and assuming you have it maxed. And they take 50% extra damage if they are frosted, so more practically 16+4.5% of total AP, and 30 respectively.

Don't forget that her charge can jump walls.

I max W then E then Q for her standard skills, because it makes ganks easier, and the amount permafrost slows by can be a great help in any fight.

If you are purple team, try to gank top at just before the 7 minute mark. if you kill them, or drive them back, then steal the enemies blue buff. Sej is pretty blue dependent, and if you get a little lucky that lets you give your blue to mid, and still have good clear times.

Get spirit of the ancient golem, not spectral wraith. It increases the damage of your W by more, and has better utility.

just because you already slow things with several abilities and your auto attacks does not make crystal scepter a bad buy. It gives two stats you really will like, and helps keep people close if you didn't quite hit them with the initial charge to freeze them.

get advice from people other than me, because I am not a high level player, and I am certain some of what I am saying is wrong.

when ganking, remember to Q - charge to the enemy, W - start hurting them, E - slow them down a lot, and refresh the timer on their slow, keeping anyone not your primary target that got hit taking extra damage from W longer, and R - stun them if they are getting away, or close to a tower. Sejuani is lucky because she doesn't NEED to initiate with her ult when ganking, so you can save it from when they just burned all their summoners trying to get away.

use that same skill order, minus the ult, when clearing jungle camps. only repeat the W if they still live after you get some cooldowns back.

Sej loves CDR. at max CDR, she can keep her W up indefinitely, as long as she has mana for it.
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User Info: lrathge

4 years ago#4
Well i just bought her when hse was on sale and am 9/4 or something like that with her ranked. She is AMAZING. Do not listen to people who say she isnt.

1. Go jungle and only jungle
2. Have balls
- Once you hit level 6 you can tower dive like a boss and your ganks are unstoppable.
- Come from behind Q+W+E then they should be running to tower ... R and boom you and that lane have a kill every time.

3. Build her tanky and almost only tanky. Get the reccomended jungle item it has on her that is 1600. then Go Warmogs and then Rylias (misspelled) that adds health ap and slow. Then go whatever other tanky items you want.

4. In team fights make sure you hit your ult so it will freeze everyone else. then hit e and w and your team should win the fight.

5. Enjoy getting kills with little deaths and tons of assists. Hope I helped a little bit.

oh and FYI I do my rune page gold quints, then armor seals, and armor marks, and 3 leveling magic resist and 6 regular magic resist for glyphs. I through 13 games or so average 6 kills 3 deaths and 13 assists.

User Info: TigerClawDude

4 years ago#5
Everyday you're 'W'armogin'

User Info: Vrrrooom

4 years ago#6
I've had good success in maxing E first (starting WQE for your first 3 levels) if your lanes are gankable. 70% slow punishes anyone slightly out of position.

It also adds more utility to your ult. Since it applies a mark of frost, you can use your ult, wait 3 seconds and then use E at the last moment to slow and do decent additional damage to everyone after they come out of the stun.
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