Prove to me that sejuani is a bad jungler

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User Info: CloudandYuffie

4 years ago#21
Gladiator28 posted...
I love how people went the route from all hating on Sej, to trying to be "cool" and defend her.

I personally think she is very hit or miss, it highly depends on the person playing her. You could say that about any champ, but I feel like it really applies with her.

Ive been playing her since s2 and I still say they were stupid to buff her since she never needed a buff.
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#22
I think Sejuani is really good.

Because it's my opinion, it likely means that's wrong.

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#23
Only people what're saying she's bad are people that are still stuck in S2.

Only real weakpoint these days is she's more cash-reliant than everyone's favorite mummy but has about the same weak earlygame. This is problematic.
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User Info: shadow99226

4 years ago#24
Weak early game. If the other jungler is a better duelist (meaning most other junglers) and counterjungles a lot, she struggles.

Also, if your lanes need a lot of ganks, she isn't the best choice early game.

But if you can get to 6 smoothly, she becomes a very strong champ.

So basically, she has her strengths and weaknesses, just like everybody else.
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  3. Prove to me that sejuani is a bad jungler

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