I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

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  3. I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

User Info: Earthbound360

4 years ago#1
90% of the time these days when you see Zyra, shes supporting bot. I feel like people have forgotten how good she is at mid. She still has a mass AoE nuke with a knockup as well as a great amount of damage to her abilities. Just because some pro used her on support, doesnt mean it's the only way to play her.
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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#2
is this dejavu?

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#3
You and jaggijammer should be friends
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User Info: Horribren

4 years ago#4
Rise of the Thorns
Damage reduced to 100-440 from 124-549
Missile Speed reduced to 1900 from 2200
Missile Width reduced to 70 from 90
Grasping Roots
Missile Speed reduced to 1150 from 1325
Vine Lasher
Fixed a bug where the plant was sometimes slowing by more than 30%

This nerf in December scared people off. She's still really good. Sheeples gonna sheep.

User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#5
She's a fine mid, she just doesn't have the same burst people were used to when she was FotM. Made people not wanna play her
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#6
She's always been good, like the above person said though most players are sheep so you won't see her used often as she's not in vogue currently.

User Info: GoldenFantasy

4 years ago#7
Well, good riddance, because I hate laning against mid Zyras.
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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#8
She's lost a lot of effectiveness as an AP mid. E is ridiculously easy to dodge when she doesn't have a bush to throw it out of in laning now. She's naturally squishy so in league of warmogs/bruisers she has a really hard time staying alive and doing damage compared to S2. All the utility is still there, it just makes more sense to play her as a support now though.
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User Info: Drakethecake

4 years ago#9
I'm waiting for nubbypoohbear to show up
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User Info: xRustySpoon

4 years ago#10
From: gkh5 | #008
she has a really hard time staying alive and doing damage compared to S2.

I fail to see how this claim holds any water.
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  3. I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

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