I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

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  3. I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

User Info: Earthbound360

4 years ago#11
Horribren posted...
Rise of the Thorns
Damage reduced to 100-440 from 124-549
Missile Speed reduced to 1900 from 2200
Missile Width reduced to 70 from 90
Grasping Roots
Missile Speed reduced to 1150 from 1325
Vine Lasher
Fixed a bug where the plant was sometimes slowing by more than 30%

This nerf in December scared people off. She's still really good. Sheeples gonna sheep.

Oh gee whiz, her PASSIVE gets nerfed. A thing only used when you DIE.
Grasping roots is ehh. Her damage is still there. That nerfed support Zyra just as much as any Zyra.
Vine Lasher was a bug. People need to grow up.

And yes I know you're agreeing with me, but the nerfs are so irrelevant the way I see it.

And last I checked, a mage with long range, an UNLIMITED line snare (see Lux/Morgana), and a knockup doesn't have THAT hard of a staying alive.
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User Info: JaggiJumper

4 years ago#12
gkh5 posted...
She's naturally squishy so in league of warmogs/bruisers she has a really hard time staying alive

-> logic!
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User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#13
Zyra is underplayed as a mid. But not underrated. Her kit is amazing, really the only thing stopping her from being a higher pick is that she has high mana costs. Since Liandry's Torment helps her immensely in season 3 to compensate a bit from her previous nerfs.

On a side note for trivia(More for supports) you can use Shards of True Ice on her plants, even though Shards of True Ice states it is used on allied champions.

Hope this helps^^
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  3. I STILL think Zyra is an underrated AP Mid

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