I'm sorry I doubted lulu top.

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User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#1
She's actually really good, and she's really hard to deal with for most characters. Singed cries to lulu, darius cries to lulu, jarvan eats me.

Can someone suggest a build to me? I've been going R>Q>R>W. I generally have mana problems in lane so i've been going for an early philo and then staying with it that way my harrass is infinite and the enemy jungler HAS to come and help or top will die.
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User Info: FrozenThreat

4 years ago#2
Sorry cant advise ya, I prefer going the usual bot but late game, run with minion waves to push towers. Entire team would go for me...hilarious for me.

(Ever seen a Lulu in full gtfo mode? XD)
GT Frozen Threat
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  3. I'm sorry I doubted lulu top.

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