What were the permabans when you started playing?

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User Info: RaytheRuler

4 years ago#11
afewmangos posted...
morg, rammus, shaco, alist, shen, blitz

This, minus Rammus. Add Kassadin. Not sure if Blitz was a popular ban when I started playing ranked but he was buffed and perma banned round that time.

I liked banning Teemo, Kass and Shen/Ali/Morg, cause screw teemo.
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User Info: Ava_Balthier

4 years ago#12
Soraka, kassadin, alistar, shaco, morgana, and rammus
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User Info: mufficity

4 years ago#13
Evelynn, Morgana, Ali, Vayne, Malzahar, Blitz
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User Info: mistermikeymike

4 years ago#14
we didnt have bans then
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User Info: Avison

4 years ago#15
Problem is that more champs keep coming out but the ban number isn't increasing. Since abilities are recycled... if one champ is banned you can just pick the near equivalent of that champ.
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User Info: CenaxKikia

4 years ago#16
There were no bans, ranked, or draft mode.
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User Info: xVashTS98x

4 years ago#17
Kass, Morg, Shaco, and I think Shen.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#18
I didn't start playing draft frequently until recently

common bans are akali, darius, amumu, blitz, alistair, malphite, shen

most of them are supposed to be OP at their roles
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User Info: xHFx

4 years ago#19

And two others

Probably Shaco and someone else

From: CenaxKikia | #016
There were no bans, ranked, or draft mode.

But this if you wanna get technical...

User Info: Kishoru

4 years ago#20
She's a few cards short of a full deck: a joker in the game, ooh.
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