looking for tips on Rengar v Garen

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User Info: Dragonfable101

4 years ago#41
In my experience rengar craps on Garen :l

Just throw bolas when he runs up to get a cs, watch him panic and q --> engage at next opportunity.

Or just bait out his e and go in then.. Garen is crippled without both q and e up at the start of a fight..
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User Info: Blow_My_Mind

4 years ago#42
Blocktopus posted...
tweakerlime posted...
From: Blocktopus | #006
slap yourself for picking Rengar cuz Rengar is garbo

Ohh Gfaqs....always riding the most currently op champs. Can't possibly have a good game with a "garbo" champ.

I never said anything about op champs noob, i said rengar sucks and he does.

Please look up the lolking profile of "Krist". He plays literally only Rengar and he does so in a division you can't even dream of reaching.
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