How does the akali stealth 3.5 work now?

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  3. How does the akali stealth 3.5 work now?

User Info: KingOfAsia

4 years ago#1
Is it not annoying and broken now do I gotta buy pink wards still?
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#2
if you want to burst her before she murders a squishy/you then yeah

not quite as critical to pink mid early because she can't get the easy escape from a gank

User Info: PornHandRAWR

4 years ago#3
Still the same old Akali, just you'll have a better timeframe to punish if she is aggressive and slipping into a bush 10 meters away from it is gone TY RIOT. Seriously making the useful range what is shown helps so unbelievably much. She was far too slippery, like the bubble was 50% bigger then intended almost.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#4
remember how she was the best juker in the game and was completely inescapable and uncatcheable when she used her shroud?

none of that is true anymore, she can't leave the circle without being invis, and when she starts to attack(in any way) she'll be vis, instead of when she hits you and bursts half your HP
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User Info: Rajamic

4 years ago#5
It doesn't reduce her threat level at all. It reduces her ability to flee safely, since she loses the invisibility the moment she leaves the circle now. So she's a bit more squishy when not attacking, but she's still the same threat with slightly less range when using the shroud aggressively.
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  3. How does the akali stealth 3.5 work now?

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